Over the past several years, there has been a big focus on bringing destination resort casinos to Texas. News headlines have been constantly asking whether or not the time has finally come to allow these types of businesses into the Lone Star State. The debates have raged and at times it seemed almost possible. With recent political developments, people are once again asking if this is the year it happens.

What Has Changed Since The Last Time Texas Thought About Getting Casinos?

According to a recent article in The Real Deal, there have been moves made by interested parties to try and finally get resort casinos over the finish line in Texas. I'm not going to break down the web of campaign contributions, who is holding what office, and other details; you can click the link for that.

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Basically, that report points out that moves have been made and are being made that look as if there's going to be a big push this year to finally get the legislation through that is needed to have resort casinos in Texas. Honestly, if this is the year it happens, it's about time.

Resort Style Casinos Are About A Lot More Than Gambling

This is the thing that I get hung up on. Coming from Oklahoma, I'm used to these types of places being present. While gambling is a small part of the allure, it's not the only thing happening at these resorts. There's so much more.


For instance, I attended an award show for Texas country music at a resort-style casino in Oklahoma. It was held in a theater that fit a massive crowd, and afterward, we went bowling and partied at Gilley's...in the resort (yes, I rode the mechanical bull). There were restaurants where you could get some food when you needed a break from the revelry, and when it was over you just went upstairs to your room. A full weekend of entertainment and food, and I never once gambled a dime or left the resort.


You constantly see advertisements for massive concerts and events being held at resort casinos. I've been to several concerts like this, and I've never gambled. I'll get a few days worth of entertainment hanging out in restaurants, at the pool, at a bar or "club" taking in some lesser-known acts. I get not wanting dens of iniquity springing up all over Texas, but a resort? Who doesn't like resorts that offer you whatever form of entertainment you crave? Who wouldn't want all of that money coming into their city?

Could 2024 Finally Be The Year Resort Casinos Come To Town?

Anything is possible, I suppose. I still have my doubts that this could be the year that big changes are made. While it would be something that I would personally enjoy, this is Texas and change doesn't come easy. People have their concerns and they aren't quick to let go of them.

One concern is that of gambling addiction. If you or someone you know has a gambling issue, here is an excellent resource with a ton of information.

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but if what we're reading and seeing is correct, this year could be the year for a really big push.

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