This morning as I was going through my social media news-feed looking through information about the storms that rocked the Texas panhandle and parts of Oklahoma, I came across something I don't remember seeing before.

Is this new? Is hail really being referred to as "dvd-size" now?

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Severe Weather Coverage In Oklahoma Is A Whole "Thing"

Getting your weather news from any of the fine weathermen in Oklahoma City is a trip. I've never lived anywhere that really comes close to it. I feel lucky having grown up in Oklahoma.

Weathermen have catch phrases and their own "special" way of talking about what's happening during any major weather event. You can usually guess how bad things are going to be based off of one weatherman in particular's choice of tie for the broadcast.

Is DVD-Size Hail A Thing Now?

I was shocked when I was going through coverage of storms in Oklahoma (many of my closest friends still live in the Sooner State, so I keep up with what's going on), I noticed a strange chart.

What the heck is DVD-Size hail? I'm familiar with the rest of them. We hear those all of the time. I don't ever remember hearing someone say "Hail up to DVD-size expected."

It wouldn't take long for me to get my answer. In fact, this one is "bigger than a DVD".

That's insane. What comes next? XBox-size hail? Let's hope not.

The storms that made their way through Texas and Oklahoma yesterday ravaged the area. Perryton, Texas was hit especially hard. You can follow this link for information on how you can join us in helping get aid to the people of Perryton.

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