Spring is officially in Amarillo, Texas. We've even seen just a little bit of rain. Temperatures are starting to stay warmer. If you look around, flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. With spring comes storms, and with storms come threats of tornadoes. When is tornado season in Amarillo, Texas?

Welcome To Tornado Season In Amarillo, Texas

The old saying goes April Showers bring May flowers. Those showers can get pretty rowdy in the Texas panhandle. As we start preparing ourselves for storm season, I began wondering exactly when tornado season is for Amarillo. A little digging, and this is the answer I came up with.

According to the people who actually get paid to study and attempt to understand our crazy weather, tornado season in Amarillo is typically from April through June.

Are Tornadoes A Big Problem In Amarillo, Texas?

Since moving to Amarillo, I've heard sirens plenty of times. It reminds me a lot of where I grew up in Oklahoma. Tornadoes were just a part of life around this time of year. Fortunately, Amarillo hasn't had to deal with anything like the catastrophic tornadoes we've seen in recent history in other parts of the panhandle.

The peak of tornado season in Amarillo is supposedly in May, which makes sense considering that's the middle of what is considered tornado season. So, while I'm keeping an eye on the sky this month, I'll really be thinking about next month.

It's important to know what to do when a tornado strikes. Have a plan. Here is the National Weather Service's guide on how to protect yourself during a tornado.

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