This is fantastic news for several reasons. It's been a long time coming. There has been a lot of work done to make this happen.

The Amarillo water tower that sits on Route 66, finally has received it's shield.

It Took A Lot Of Groups Coming Together In Amarillo To Make It Happen

According to posts on social media regarding the project, it took efforts from Historic 6th Street on Route 66 AssociationOld Route 66 Association of Texas, and the San Jacinto Neighborhood Association.

Help even came from Center City, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and a lot of people and businesses across Amarillo. It really feels like it was an effort of the whole city to make it happen.

Fantastic News For Route 66 In Amarillo

I love Route 66 in Amarillo. I find myself spending a lot of time on the weekends hanging out on 6th, surrounded by all things 66. Walking up and down 6th Street, you see all kinds of Route 66 memorabilia, antiques, references almost everywhere you look.

With the Route 66 emblazoned on the water tower, high above the city streets below, there's a beacon for those looking for the Mother Road in Yellow City. A landmark above the horizon for all to see.

It's a point of pride for those who have made Route 66 in Amarillo a daily part of their lives. And, to be honest, it just ties the room together.

If you know what I mean.

Now, Go Snap A Pic And Get Your Kicks

Route 66 in Amarillo has a lot to offer. Not just the places that claim the heritage, but those places that still live and breathe on the old Mother Road. Great food of all kinds. Live music. Interesting shops. Go check out the water tower and snap a pic. Then, go get your kicks on old 66.

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