There are certain things that we come to expect every year. We know we will have Hatch Green Chile season in August. Which leads into fall. Which makes us think pumpkin spiced everything.

We have been through all of that. Then the other day we got word that the McRib was back. OK I don't get the fascination with that mess. I don't hold it against you if you love that blob of processed meat on a bun. I have tried to enjoy it. I just can't.

What is that thing we can't live without?

Now that all of that is out of the way it brings me to my favorite time of the year. Candy Cane Chapstick season. I live for this every year. I buy up tons of this item. I have for years.

Heck I talk about it so much that Elonda messaged me through our Facebook. She even started it off like a Dear Melissa letter. Kudos to Elonda:

Dear Melissa,

the candy cane chapstick is out at the dollar general by drug emporium. It is by the Christmas merchandise. YW

I even sent her a picture to insure her that I did and always will have a tube of it in my pocket. I buy enough to get me through the next season. It's just what I do.


credit: Melissa Bartlett
credit: Melissa Bartlett

So Elonda thank you for letting me know they made there way to Amarillo. I actually saw some over the weekend at Walgreens to.

Lol.. I've been hearing about your obsession with them for some years now since I listen to you all the time so when I seen them I thought of you first. I did however grab me a couple to try out.


Elonda had to try it because I am obsessed.

OK Elonda you need to let me know what you thought of the Chap Stick. Did you like it. I need to know.

Oh and I must run home to see how many I have in my stash so I can figure out how many I have to buy to make sure 2022 is a successful year.

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