While I'm not sure what form celebration is to take place on "National Radio Day," I'm always up for bragging on my favorite form of media. This day speaks to the "method" of delivery and not, those of us who deliver it to you.

Radio is the oldest bit electronic media, and has outlasted the doomsayers, who continue to insist radio is dead. It ain't. In fact, it's never been more popular.  While it doesn't rule everything it surveys, like it did before television, there are more people in the world then there was, during the days of "The Shadow" and "Amos & Andy." Some 96% of you, still listen to the radio. Thank you!!

Television couldn't kill radio, because Rock N Roll was invented about the time, people starting bringing TVs home. Cassettes & 8-track tapes, couldn't kill it, because you can't throw radio out of your car, to be left to rot, on the side of the road. MTV couldn't kill it and they even had a song about it. No dead radio stars around here. How about you MTV?

What up Pandora, Spotify, and XM? Still charging people to listen to you? My millennial sons don't want to pay to listen to music. They've never had to. Radio is free and they love them some Free stuff.

There may be a National Disc Jockey day-in fact, there must be. But, the term "DJ" doesn't really apply to me anymore. It's been co-opted by clubs and travelling shows, that do weddings and bar mitzvahs. Those of us, who entertain upon the airwaves, refer to ourselves as "Radio Personalities" these days.

Is there a "National Radio Personality" day? I hope so. Hey...MTV? You still there?

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