When I was living in western Oklahoma, I remember the pride my friends and I had when we learned Marvel had made western Oklahoma Thor’s official home. I started thinking to myself, surely Amarillo is home to at least one comic book character. I was not disappointed.

First appearing in December of 1976 in Fantastic Four vol.1 #177, Texas Twister is the panhandle’s contribution to the Marvel universe. After seeing the trailer for the latest Avengers movie during the Super Bowl, I think it is time for Amarillo’s native superhero to get his own film.

Texas Twister’s real name is Drew Daniels, and he was born in Amarillo. His day job was working as a cattle hand when, you guessed it, a tornado mixed with radiation from a nearby reactor giving him super powers.

When it comes to super powers, Texas Twister is able to create tornadoes whenever he wishes. He joins S.H.I.E.L.D. for a moment, and even spars with Captain America, before taking work as a rodeo performer.

While working as a rodeo performer, Texas Twister and the hero Shooting Star answer a call for help from the Avengers to help contain the Hulk while he’s on a rampage. Out of this, the superhero group “The Rangers” is born.

Texas Twister at one point is recruited to round up un-registered heroes as part of the Civil War storyline. It’s considered to be a form of “community service” he serves for destroying property while drunk. I like Texas Twister.

Amarillo’s native super hero has appeared alongside the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, has helped save Houston and Crawford, Texas along with President George W. Bush.

I doubt we see an end to Marvel superhero movies anytime soon. I say we all demand to see Amarillo's own hero, Texas Twister, on the big screen played by Matthew McConaughey.

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