This is why travel and learning are important. If you don't do either of those things, you miss out on some of the weirdest, quirkiest things that define the human experience. For instance; in Norway they use Texas as slang for "crazy."

If that's the case, what would Amarillo be slang for?

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First Of All, Texas Being Norwegian Slang For Crazy Isn't Bad

Norwegians don't mean any harm by it. I did the digging to make sure.

There are numerous articles about this use of Texas as slang. I've read transcripts from several interviews going over the history of the usage, and what it means to Norwegians.

One of the best explanations was that it mean unpredictable, exciting, or wild. It's more about "conditions." Like you may say a party was totally Texas.

I kinda like it.

If Texas Is Norwegian Slang For Crazy, What Would Amarillo Be Slang For

Let's pretend that Amarillo becomes Norwegian slang. What do you think it would mean?

After thinking long and hard about it for five minutes, I came up with a few ideas.

  • Odd - Let's face it, Amarillo is a weird place. It's a melting pot, of sorts. There's all kinds living in Yellow City, and that blend gives way to some unique experiences. Like listening to indie electro dance music at a silent disco with a giant cowboy riding a horse as a backdrop down the street from the new ethnic organic vegan fusion restaurant. I've lived plenty of places, and nowhere else do I get to use that sentence.
  • Kitsch - We have giant cowboys, half buried cars, giant steaks, half buried farm equipment, disembodied legs in a field, and a baseball team with a name that someone swore was old pioneer slang for prairie dog. This would make sense.
  • Under Construction - Because we always are.
  • Set In Your Ways - I've maintained the opinion, since I moved here, that there are two versions of Amarillo existing simultaneously, side by side. One is "old" Amarillo, which prefers things the way they are. The other is "new" Amarillo made up of idealistic whippersnappers who want the city to change and grow with the times.
  • Stuck On Repeat - You ever spend time with a toddler that just discovered their new favorite movie? They'll watch it twenty times in one day if given the opportunity, and still yell at you when you change it before time 21. That's how Amarillo is with coffee shops.
  • Small Town Charm/Old School Cool - Amarillo may be bloating like a milk jug in the sun, but the people haven't forgotten their small town ways. For the most part, at least. Please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, 'preciate ya, and quick waves are still a part of life. I dare you go a whole day without one person opening a door for you. Pro tip; you can't in Amarillo.

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