I'm not sure there can be a "winner" among Texas supernatural stories, but this is definitely in the top three.

The story of Donkey Lady Bridge has a lot of versions, but the basic story is that a farmhouse burns down killing most of the family inside. Surviving the fire was just the mom who was so horribly burned that her face was actually elongated and her fingers were fused together making them look like hooves. While actually being burned, she was said to have jumped into the river.  Some of the stories attribute the fire to an abusive husband and others claim it was actually an abused donkey that somehow started the fire.

This story and its various versions are very popular in the San Antonio area. For a while, there was even a Donkey Lady Hotline, and a beer named in her honor.  Apparently, the bridge itself is now closed, but you can get close enough to get creeped out and/or attacked by the Donkey Lady.

Did I just say "attacked"? Yes, some claim that their cars were actually trampled by the Donkey Lady. Originally the claim was she would attack anyone who just crossed the bridge but supposedly calling her or just honking your horn nearby will get her attention.

Donkey Lady Bridge is such an often-told San Antonio legend, that the bridge actually comes up as just that on Google Maps. To be fair, this scene does look like a place where creepy stuff happens.

An actual photo off of Donkey Lady Bridge from Google Maps
An actual photo off of Donkey Lady Bridge from Google Maps

If you are in the mood to witness it firsthand, I've embedded the Google Map below.

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