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The video below features 39-year-old Portia Odufuwa, who was declared not guilty because she was found to be insane when she shot a gun at Dallas Love Field Airport on July 25, 2022.

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Judge Stephanie Huff from Dallas County made this decision on August 14. She said Odufuwa didn't aim the gun at any police officers during the shooting, but she wasn't mentally well when she fired it several times near the Southwest ticketing area. Witnesses heard Odufuwa talking strangely about marriage, jail, and causing harm to the airport before she started shooting.



Shots Fired

During the incident, Odufuwa got hurt. A police officer named Ronald Cronin shot her in the legs after she didn't obey his orders to put down the gun. She survived and was taken to a hospital called Parkland for treatment. Doctors operated on her to fix her injuries.

Unregistered Firearm

Odufuwa has a history of not being fit to stand trial because of her mental health problems. Before, she was accused of hurting a police officer. Also, the gun she used wasn't registered to her, and she wasn't supposed to have a gun since 2018. In the past, she tried to buy a gun twice but was denied because of a problem with the law in New Mexico.

History of Problems

In April 2019, Odufuwa was arrested for robbing a Bank of America in Wylie. She gave a note to the teller asking for money, then ran away on foot but was caught later. In the same year, she was arrested for starting a fire on purpose. A year after that, police took her in to check her mental health.

Check out the video below:

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