One of the things you seemingly hear a lot of is "people in Texas are so nice". Maybe it's the Southern hospitality, or maybe we're just good people in general and know how to treat others. Texans can be so welcoming to new people, unless you're from California it seems, that once you get here, you never want to leave.

Then again, maybe it's all just a façade.

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I'm guessing you wouldn't believe me if I said our great state of Texas would land a whopping FIVE cities inside the top 25 rudest cities in the country. Sadly, it's the truth based on the latest rankings.

Now, these rankings were based on a myriad of different factors that were looked at. Some of them you may agree with, some may ultimately surprise you. Either way, we can't change the fact that Texas somehow looks like one of the rudest states in the country.

So without further adieu, let's find out if Amarillo is one of the cities on the list.

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Checking in at number seven on the overall list, Dallas is officially listed as the rudest city in Texas. According to the survey, Dallas has a tendency to exhibit a certain level of rudeness to visitors to the city. Look, when you are a city as big as Dallas with the amount of things to do, there's going to be a lot of infiltration to it so they can enjoy the attractions.

Other people Dallas residents tend to be rude to are service personnel, and drivers in general.

Some of the most common rude acts that take place in Dallas are excessive honking of a car horn when on the roads, cutting in line (that's just childish), and a major preoccupation with their cell phones. That one gets me riled up because when you're locked into your phone, you aren't paying attention to anything else around you.

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The number two city in Texas is nationally ranked as the 12th rudest city in America. Houston, like Dallas, is a very populous city and because of that, has all sorts of different types of people.

Some of the top reasons Houston landed on the list were impatience, unfriendliness, and aggression. These feel like worse reasons to me than Dallas truthfully. However, if you've ever tried driving in Houston, you might begin to understand why they feel that way. I seriously have panic attacks when I try to navigate through Houston in a car.

Actions people in Houston take that are perceived as unfriendly include letting others merge in traffic (didn't I just mention the traffic?), making excessive noise in shared spaces, and littering. Seriously, littering?

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Our next city on the list checked in at number 16 nationally, and number three in Texas. San Antonio is one of the larger cities in America based on land mass and the fact that there are literally zero suburbs inside of it. It's just one giant city.

The factors working against San Antonio are that the residents there come off as arrogant, unhelpful, and disrespectful. Look, I've been to San Antonio many times, and truthfully, it's not a city that should be exuding arrogant people. It's just not that kind of city.

So why the bad reputation? Residents of San Antonio tend to use offensive language, ignore any kind of social distancing rules (this may date back to the COVID days), and seemingly can't be anywhere on time. Punctuality is not a strong suit for residents of the city.

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Sticking with the theme of big cities in Texas, Austin rolls onto the list at number 4 in Texas and number 21 nationally. This one hurts for me personally as I lived there for nearly eight years, and don't fall into any of these categories.

Austin catches a bad rap because residents are viewed as judgmental, snobby, and elitist. I will say that Austin in general has a very different feel from any of the cities listed above, and sadly I can say that I ran into many people who gave off these vibes.

Some of the things contributing to those views are that Austinites are viewed as hostile to newcomers (which I didn't personally experience), engage in a high level of political engagement, and excessively complain about things. Ok, I'll admit, I did hear a lot of complaining from people when I lived there.

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#5 - EL PASO

On to the city that shocked me to see on the list, even though I've never been there. El Paso ranked 25th in the nation on the list, and number five in Texas. Seriously not a city I thought I'd see.

According to the survey, El Paso residents are generally unfriendly, cold, and unwelcoming in general. Out of the five cities here, they are the smallest on the list and maybe they just want to keep some kind of small city feel. I know El Paso does tend to gain a fair amount of new residents throughout the year.

So where does all that come from? Some of the factors include negative feelings and behavior towards things such as sexism, homophobia, and racism. What those negative feelings are I'm not 100 sure, but it sounds like there may be a lot of that happening in El Paso, but again, I can't speak from experience.

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