Spooky season is slowly approaching (it's ok if you've busted out the decor already).

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Do you ever just drive around your neighborhood during spooky season and think, I wish my house looked like that, with amazing Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations may be easier than you think.   You don't have to go and drop $300 on one Halloween decoration.  That $300 could decorate your whole yard.

Halloween decorations can be affordable   One of the best places to go to save money on Halloween decorations is Dollar Tree because you can buy a lot of Halloween things and then transform them into something better.

Georgie from IT

If you are a huge IT fan, then creating a Georgie for your front lawn is easy.  All you need is some pool noodles, a kid's yellow rain jacket, some rain boots, and a red balloon.

Puking Skeleton

You may be wanting the popular puking skeleton. It looks fairly easy to make, however the materials to make it happen may be somewhat costly. You'll need a 50 gallon drum or a large trash can, a pump, a skeleton, rubber tubing, foam, paint, plus the products to color the water. Those choices may vary.

Creepy Well

If you're a fan of The Ring, you can create a creepy well in your front yard with spray foam, paint, chicken wire, stakes, and a creepy longhaired doll.

Skeleton in a Cage

This is fairly simple to make, you'll need two round laundry baskets, ring clips, a small skeleton, a fake chain, and paint.

@buildandcreatehome Easiest Halloween project yet! Snag the black baskets from Dollar Tree to save the hassle of spray painting! #halloween2023 #halloweendiy #halloween #halloweendecor ♬ original sound - buildandcreatehome

Dead Body in a Tarp

If you want a dead body in a tarp on your front lawn, you probably already have the supplies in your trash or recycling. This one will need a lot of bottles of different sizes, duct tape, trash bags, and any other things you want to add to it. 

Skulls on a Stick

Grab five or six plastic skull heads from Dollar Tree,  a t-post, or a long piece of rebar and paint from your favorite hardware or home improvement store.

Witches Hallway

If you are into witches here's a perfect way to decorate your hallway. 

Witches Cauldron

What would a witch be without her cauldron, here's a easy way to boil and bubble up some potions.

Pallet Trap

Feeling creepy try a pallet decoration. You'll need a pallet, string lights and skeleton hands. You can get even more creative if you paint it and even partially bury it in your yard.

Decorating for Halloween can be cheap, easy, and fun. With a bit of creativity, you can have one of the spookiest houses on the block.

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