Texas, Our Texas, All Hail The Mighty State, and our mighty stupidity.   A couple in Texas found themselves in a lot of trouble when they shot at a car in Houston.

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Texas highways are full of unhappy people who tend to get angry at the smallest things.  If you are following a car too close, they might hit the brakes to say "get off my [butt]".

Warning: NSFW language is used in the video

Road Rage is a real thing!

The couple who are seen in this alleged road rage incident were both arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.   The couple was identified as Nazly Ortiz and Benjamin Greene.

According to Fox 26 Houston, the driver of the car in the alleged incident said that Greene was following too closely in his truck so he brake-checked him.  The driver had a 2-year-old baby in the car at the time.  The driver exited the interstate and Greene followed.  The driver parked his car in the right lane and Greene parked his truck in front of him.  Greene then allegedly got out of the truck and approached the driver. The video shows the driver trying to leave as Ortiz fires the gun into the car.  Then fires another shot.

The driver was treated for injuries at a local hospital, and the baby was not harmed in the altercation.

The bond was set for Ortiz at $300,000 and Greene received a $150,000 bond.  We couldn't find any information on the sentencing for this case, but we did find a post.

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This incident happened in 2022, but it is so crazy that someone would get so upset over a brake check.  You never know what will happen when traveling on a highway in Texas.

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