The drive from Canyon to Amarillo has changed significantly over the last decade.

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A brand new truck stop now sits on the east side of I-27 and FM 2219.  A lot of houses are starting to pop up in the area as well.  Many new businesses and storage units are being built where farmland once flourished.

A brand new spot to fill up and get really great breakfast tacos is now where the Eskimo Hut once called home, The Station.

Now a car dealership that has called I-27 and McCormick is now empty.  It's a sad empty shell of the building that just sits lonely on that corner.  What was once a booming car dealership, is now just growing weeds.

James Haynes/TSM Amarillo
James Haynes/TSM Amarillo

It was originally Ron Clark Ford.  Driving into Amarillo you always knew you would see their big electronic sign screaming in bright lights their deals on cars and trucks.  Eventually, the dealership became All-Star Family Ford.  Still a Ford Dealership and still selling cars and trucks.

It seemed to battle with Greg Lair (the only dealership left on that drive) and Midway Chevrolet just down the road.

Now the doors are closed and a sign remains telling people to visit Tri-State Ford at I-40 and Ross.

Photo Courtesy James Haynes
Photo Courtesy James Haynes

What will become of this once-booming business?

That is a prime piece of property, so it's highly possible that it has either been sold and will be sold or something else will be built.  Who knows, it could be anything, another truck stop, another storage unit, a big business, it is a big piece of land.

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