Amarillo is growing, and it seems to be growing everywhere.  From the north side to the east side, west and south.

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One area that hasn't seen a lot of growth is the north side.

Yes, southwest Amarillo is seeing most of the growth, but it seems that change is coming to this area of Amarillo.   We've shared with you the new businesses opening up all over Amarillo.  A lot of those businesses are coffee shops.

Amarillo Doesn't Need More Coffee Shops

That may or may not be the case, because can you really have too much coffee?  Nah!  However, some areas of our city need more coffee shops.

Dear Somebody, please put drive-thru espresso on the northside…

As luck would have it, a popular coffee shop is moving into this area.


Starbucks Avoids UK Tax Bill
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According to the licensing department, Starbucks plans to build a spot at 401 E. Amarillo Blvd.   That is the corner of Pierce and Amarillo Blvd.   This location was once a restaurant called Taqueria Los Toritos, and an Arby's.

Starbucks Introduces Coffee Drinks Infused With Olive Oil
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This means the north side of Amarillo will now have a place to get their coffee, espressos, caramel macchiatos, lattes, and cake pops!

Two other Starbucks locations in Amarillo, Soncy, and Georgia will undergo renovation to enhance the customer experience.   

Will there ever be too many coffee shops in Amarillo?

It's highly unlikely, but it's great to see more parts of the city will now have access to a coffee shop with a drive-thru.

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