A fire that occurred over the weekend in Amarillo continues to cause devastation even though the flames have been extinguished.

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In the early morning hours of Saturday, December 10, 2022, the Amarillo Fire Department responded to a fire in the 1600 block of North Fairfield.  Firefighters fought to control the fire.  Once the flames were under control, firefighters entered the residence to search for occupants of the home.

Three people were in the home, one was able to escape the home, however, two of the occupants had to be removed by AFD.  Two people were transported to local hospitals, where one died.   Two females and one male occupied the residence.

The fire is still under investigation and at this time no cause has been determined. 

The Amarillo Fire Department reported on Tuesday, December 12 that one of the two victims taken to Lubbock UMC has died. The other victim remains in ICU.  The male is the only one to survive.

As the temperatures turn colder, more fires seem to be happening across the city of Amarillo.  Even though the cause of this fire has not been determined, it is always good to make sure your home is safe.

Check your plugs and outlets for fraying.  If your electricity seems to be doing odd things, have it checked out by a professional  Do not use space heaters in areas where something could catch fire, also do not use a space heater near combustibles.

If you smoke, make sure your cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are completely extinguished.  If you have a home fireplace,  make sure you have your chimney checked yearly, and also make sure the fire is out before you go to bed at night.  Keep items that could catch fire away from your fireplace.

No family wants to face the tragedy of a fire.

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