A mom on Reddit is frustrated with her adult daughter, who asked her to leave her other child's wedding to drive her home because there were too many people at the wedding.

"This has been a built-up issue. My son got married this weekend and this issue isn’t dying so I am going here. My daughter has very bad anxiety. She is 19 and I will call her Shelly. Shelly used to go to therapy when she was a minor but stopped when she turned 18. Ever since the her anxiety has been out of control, and due to this she won’t drive anymore," the woman wrote.

"She has a license but refuses to drive. We live in the USA and driving is basically needed or it’s a big inconvenience for the people around her. Also she is an adult so it not like we can force her to drive," she continued her post.

"This is the issue: My son was getting married and she was uncomfortable with so many people around at his wedding. She asked me to take her home, I told her no and if she [is] having difficulties wait in the car. She told me it’s freezing outside and she needs to leave. I told her no again, turn on the heat in the car and wait if she needs to be away from people," the mom recalled.

The woman's daughter didn't like her answer and told her should would have an anxiety attack if she stayed at the wedding, again demanding to be driven home.

"I told her to take an Uber [and said] I am not leaving. She [didn't] like this and ... I told Shelly she [was] being selfish ... and I will not deprive her bother (my son) of his parents being at his wedding. If I took her home I would miss his wedding since it was an hour drive here," she shared.

The woman's daughter called her a "jerk," sat in the car for a while and eventually returned to the wedding.

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"Notice how she magically was able to cope when push came to shove? That tells you a lot. She is used to getting her way and it’s high time she start living in the real world and take responsibility for her own life. She needs to stop using anxiety, a perfectly normal emotion, as an excuse not to push herself to learn tools to cope and take responsibility for her own life and future, including seeking therapy if needed. Her emotional manipulation and threats need to lose the power they’ve had in the past," one user commented.

"Expecting her mother to miss her own child’s wedding is absolutely selfish. You need to sit her down and lay out expectations. She has decided to quit therapy, she has decided to no longer drive, it is now on her to decide how to handle the difficulties she’s going to face as a result of this. If she’s still living with you then a requirement of staying with you needs to be therapy," another shared.

"Being an adult also means having coping strategies. She could have found a quiet area at the venue without other people around to de-escalate from the panic attack there," someone else weighed in.

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