According to a TikTok video, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are known as the "sisters of Kentucky Fried Chicken" to many social media users in China.

In a viral video, a TikTok user who sheds light on Chinese culture and shares the points of view of Chinese netizens explains that the term came about because the two models' names sound similar to Mandarin words.

Since Kendall and Gigi both come from famous families, have large social media followings, are both the faces of many products and have "terrible" catwalks, they are called the "KFC Sisters" in China.

The TikToker even claims that Chinese netizens think the models "walk like aunties shopping at [the] food market."

She also says that Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, was once included in the KFC Sisters squad, but has since graduated from the group as many people in China "love her for outfit inspiration."

Apparently, Bella's improved runway walk is what upgraded her in the eyes of Chinese netizens.

The TikTok also reveals that Kendall is known as the "star harvester" in China because of her dating history, which includes many NBA stars and celebrities, now including, allegedly, Bad Bunny.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers joked about the bizarre nicknames.

"Netizens are always so honest," one viewer wrote.

"'Black Pearl' goes hard," another person commented, referring to Naomi Campbell's more glamorous moniker.

"This is the video I found out Kendall Jenner might be dating Bad bunny lol," someone else revealed.

It appears the TikTok creator's video about the hilarious nicknames is indeed true.

The caption on a Chinese video of Gigi and Kendall walking a runway refers to them as the "KFC Sisters," and another Chinese online article uses the same term to describe them as well.

Elsewhere, another Chinese article that dissects Kendall's love life calls the model a "star harvester" or "male god harvester."

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