This little boy is not a fan of his new "teacher," a.k.a. Michael Jackson.

A mom on TikTok pranked her young son by pretending the King of Pop would be the little boy's new teacher at school.

The viral video shows the mom pretending to FaceTime with the "teacher," using a photo of Jackson from his later years to trick her son into thinking the teacher is currently live on a video chat with them.

"She wanted to call you. Yes, we have you now! Yes, hi! Say hello," the mom says in the video.

She then pans the camera over to her son, who appears confused at first but waves and smiles. But when the photo of Jackson doesn't move or speak, the boy hides behind his mom's back and starts crying.

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"I think it's frozen," she laughs, as the boy's cries become louder when he takes a second look at the image on the fake video call.

"Get off of it!" he cries, reaching for the phone to seemingly take matters into his own hands.

"I don’t think Julian is excited for Mrs. Jackson," the mom captioned the clip.

See the viral video, below:

In the comments section, viewers shared their reactions to the viral video, which has been viewed over 1.2 million times as of publishing.

"I am dying laughing over here," one person wrote.

"Sorry Mrs. Jackson," someone else joked, referencing the Outkast song, "Ms. Jackson."

"He thinks he has seen a ghost," another commented.

"NOT HIM TRYING TO END THE CALL," someone else wrote.

Another person noted that the phenomenon of kids having an irrational fear of Michael Jackson runs deep. "The fear of Michael has been generational," they wrote.

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