A harsh insult from a WWE wrestler has Swifties ready to jump in the ring.

What Was Said About Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

Superstar (they're called superstars rather than wrestlers) Grayson Waller recently appeared on WWE's talkshow The Bump where he was asked about a photo he recently shared on Instagram.

The photo showed Waller with Travis Kelce's mom. Waller launched into a story about Mama Kelce messaging him daily to say "good morning" and "good night" while also asking for tickets to see him perform in the ring.

"I'm not like your son," Waller says "I'm not a goober who's going to have a girl in the crowd."

The story was clearly a bit with Waller playing the part of the villain, or "heel" as it is known in the wrestling world. He then turned his aim toward Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

"Good for Trav. I'm not the kind of guy who would settle for a 6 but to each their own," Waller said assigning a rating to Swift. "Me personally, I like a little bit of spice. I like a 9 or a 10... Good for him for settling and trying his best."

While the show's hosts quickly moved on to another topic, Swifties are not ready to let this one slip away.

What Taylor Swift Fans Are Saying To Grayson Waller

As one might predict, Waller's comments did not sit well with Taylor's fanbase.

Many have taken to social media to stick up for Swift even if they have no idea Waller is. Some appear to also not understand that he is playing a character.

"I found the transcript and this has got to be a joke. This has to be this man's attempt at humor," TikTok user leta_bitchknow said in a video breaking down Waller's comments.

Another TikToker said Swift would buy Waller's "manager" and arrange for him to be removed from the company.

"You're coming for Taylor Swift like she ain't got pull," TikTok user realtalkwithninja said in a video shared on Sunday. "You ain't even got beef with her and you start bringing her down."

Waller Fires Back At Swifties

Like any good wrestling feud, Waller is continuing the back-and-forth with those standing up for Swift and Kelce.

He took to X (formerly Twitter) to fire back following the response to his talk show appearance.

"Big congrats to wrestling fans! I always thought you were the ugliest losers on social media, but then I met Swifties," Waller posted.

A video "apology" followed a day later when Waller called Swift fans "swamp donkeys."

As of Monday, there has been no response from Swift or Kelce.

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