Update: The Tascosa Drive-In has announced that the auction has been canceled, with no further details. Here is what was posted on their social media:

When we all first heard about the Tascosa Drive-In Theater going up for sale, many of us were worried about the fate of our local drive-in. If you've never been to the drive-in, you missed out in a big way. My family loved it. It was always a good time and the staff was incredible. Sadly, it seems the show won't be going on for the drive-in.

Online Auction Signals The End Of Last Drive-In Theater In Amarillo, Texas

According to an announcement made on social media, Tascosa Drive-In is going to be selling off everything in an upcoming online auction. For many, I suppose this is a chance to own a piece of a local business that was iconic and a remnant of a bygone era. For others, this is a chance to get some equipment at a discount. No matter how you look at it, it's depressing.

The complete inventory list is supposed to be posted later this week.

Why Didn't They Just Sell The Tascosa Drive-In To Someone Else?

This question was addressed in the announcement and the price given was less than what I remember hearing last. The price tag mentioned in the recent announcement was $375,000 for the drive-in. Unfortunately, the owners weren't able to find anyone to take them up on the offer.

Now, everything must go. While fans can hope for some kind of miracle, I don't think it's going to happen. The auction is on March 18. That's not a lot of time to get everything together to purchase the drive-in.

Thank You Tascosa Drive-In For The Memories

Thank you Tascoas Drive-In for giving my family and me some great memories over the last few years. We hate to see you go. All the best of luck in the future.

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