A Texas man is dead this morning after an attempted high dive from some 40 feet ended tragically. Witnesses close to the incident say the 34-year-old man climb an embankment at Lake Gladewater and then dove head-first into the lake below. However, the depth of the lake in the area in which he dove was found to be just four feet deep.

Jose de Azpiazu via Unsplash.com
Jose de Azpiazu via Unsplash.com

Authorities near Lake Gladewater received the emergency call at about 4:20 on Saturday afternoon. Witnesses said they observed the man climb the embankment and then dove into the water below. The area in which he was diving was off of the main lake. It was in an area that is surrounded by tall embankments but it is not conducive for diving because of a rocky bottom and shallow water levels.

Lake Gladewater was constructed in 1952 in order to bolster the water supply for residents who live nearby. The lake is currently estimated to encompass some 6,950 acres and is spring fed. The Lake Gladewater community is well known for fishing, swimming, watersports, and a relaxing way of life.

Those who witnessed the man diving into the shallow water were able to pull him out of the water where life-saving procedures were started. Members of the Gladewater Fire Department, Christus EMS, and the Gladewater Police worked diligently to save the man's life but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Experts in the field of water safety suggest that if you do not know the depth of the water you're about to jump into that you enter that body of water feet first and slowly. You should only dive into water that you have confirmed the depth and clarity. You'll also want to know what's lurking on the bottom of that pool you're about to dive into as well.

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