As if eating out at a restaurant didn't already cost enough,

A server is getting praise for calling out a "customer" on TikTok who she claims tried to scam her restaurant.

Sassy Server Strikes Back

Stephanie Carlisle has amassed a large social media following sharing stories about life as a server in a restaurant. Her TikTok account, sassyserver0529, has racked up thousands of views thanks to her telling viewers "about all the drama of restaurant work."

Carlisle's most popular video in recent weeks shows her in a car talking about "restaurant scammers."

"You all beware," Carlisle starts the video. "The restaurant scammers are out and about doing their thing."

What follows next is the story of an "elderly man" who called the restaurant where Carlisle works to say his chicken tenders order was "botched."

"He gives me his phone number, his name, the last four digits of his credit card, I can't find anything," Carlisle recalls how she tried to help the customer.

The caller continued to insist his order came from the restaurant even though they had no record of it. Carlisle tried to give him the benefit of the doubt thinking he was "confused," but the man said he was stopping by to demand credit.

"He was like 'if you're not going to do this, I'm going to take it to social media,'" Carlisle said.

Instead, Carlisle took to social media to share the story of how a caller tried to claim he should get paid for an order that was never placed.

Demand For Credit Scam Becoming More Common

Servers from other restaurants have hopped in the video's comments section to share their own tales of catching scammers who were looking for restaurant credit. One commenter mentioned it also happens at the grocery store where she works.

"People call, say items got left behind," TikTok user kclk4u commented, "Of course, no receipt."

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One commenter said she was afraid to call a restaurant about legitimate issues with orders out of fear it would be confused for a scam. Carlisle said there are telltale signs that tip off the staff to potential scams.

"Most people that are being truthful call us immediately and have their receipt and can give an accurate card number," Carlisle explained. "We don't mind correcting our mistakes. But we can tell when people are lying."

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