Texas is loaded with interesting and wonderful things. There are also some things that almost defy explanation.

Glass bathrooms, flying anchors and monster Beatles are just a few of the oddities scattered around the lone star state.

Texas goes big on everything ... including its weirdness.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more, click here.

We'll start our mini, "magical mystery" trip with the monster Beatles I mentioned.

Located near downtown Houston, the gargantuan fab four stand 36 feet high.

It seems, as of 2017 anyway, they're for sale. If you have a spare $350,000 laying around, they can be yours.

PS: You have to buy all 4.

If you like to people watch while you pee, you'll love the public restroom in Sulphur Springs. Texas.

Constructed to try and win a "Best Restroom" contest, it's made entirely of two way glass.

People can't see in but those using the restroom can see out.

For some reason, it's right next to a huge chess set.

You're probably wondering why I mentioned an anchor as, if you have a boat, they're not that odd.

Well, it's not the anchor that's weird here, it's where it is and how it got there.

April 16, 1947, the ship SS Grandcamp .... loaded with a TON of highly explosive, ammonium nitrate ... caught fire and the nitrate exploded.

The blast flung ship parts all over the place and the Grandcamps 3,200 pound anchor landed over a mile and a half away.

Where it still sits today for you to snap a selfie with.

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