Jesse St. James is back! Actor Jonathan Groff will be returning to ‘Glee‘ next month as the show begins to wind down its third season. “Yes, I just finished filming a new episode,” the actor told Celebuzz. Jesse first appeared in Season 1 as a rival glee club member who briefly dated Rachel. Could his return create problems for Finchel?

Groff didn’t reveal much about his upcoming role, but told the site he may be interested in doing some tap dancing on the show, given that he learned an eight-minute routine for a recent event. “I’ve had so much fun practicing, so I don’t want to it to end after this event,” he said. “It’s sad. I’ve done all this tapping — and now it’s over. I might as well put these tap dancing skills to good use.”

Groff performed his dance routine at the 2012 Miscast gala, with Lea Michele‘s parents in the audience to support him. “They’ve all been counting down the days to this event,” Groff said. “Our parents became great friends during our Broadway run of ‘Spring Awakening.’ We’re like one big family.”

Season 3 of ‘Glee’ returns on April 10. FOX has released a teaser to get viewers excited as they patiently wait for the series to resume.

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