There are a slew of rumors as to why Katy Perry and comedian and actor Russell Brand didn’t last, ranging from their relatively short courtship (they were married for 14 months, but dated for less than a year before tying the knot) to insinuations of his infidelity and her over-the-top partying. But now a new point has been made: Brand wanted kids, and Perry wanted a career.

In her film, ‘Part of Me: 3D,’ Perry and her skilled film editing team showed that she and Brand had difficulties over when and whether to start a brood of their own with a text message vignette. Brand sent Perry a message suggesting they name their baby after Ronald McDonald, to which she responded, somewhat tellingly, “A baby can’t have a baby. And I’m a baby.”

While Perry has been pretty obvious about being a kid on the inside, from her candy fixation to neon teddy bears onstage, perhaps her obsession with youth isn’t just part of her cartoon character image. Perry’s career was exploding in the first year of their union, and that’s been her baby for a while.

Us Weekly reports a sources close to Brand confirmed that the pitter patter of little feet was a sticking point in the marriage. “Russell feels there’s no point in being married if you don’t have kids. He is ready to move on.”

He made that clear in a recent television appearance. While Perry has been relatively open when talking about the split — especially now that she has a movie to promote — Brand hasn’t been as forthcoming. While he usually only has kind words for and about K.P., he recently blew up at British TV host Graham Norton when he was asked about his ex.

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