Kelly Clarkson is passionate about her new project, ‘Duets,’ and she showed it onstage at a recent San Diego concert. The ‘Stronger’ songstress invited two of the series’ contestants to join her in concert, much to the delight of her crowd.

“I’ve looked at so many videos of people singing that want to be on the show with me and want to compete,” Clarkson said. “And we’re totally gonna win! I’m just really excited,” she gushed. “I auditioned and auditioned, and I actually came down to a couple people that I’m very, very excited about, and my test for them is putting them in front of an audience,” she said. Gazing at the crowd, she asked, “So do y’all mind being a part of this?”

Clarkson brought Jason Farrell out first, but not without a disclaimer. “Let me just tell you, both of these singers are incredible,” she insisted. Clarkson wasn’t kidding about being excited, either — she was skipping onstage when Farrell came out! The duo performed the Civil Wars’ ‘Poison and Wine.’ Farrell, whom Clarkson described as having a “big old boomin’ voice,” didn’t disappoint. It was a little tough to hear the “big, boomin’” part until the end, but that may be due to their song choice more than his ability — the Wars’ sound is often soft and understated. She ended their performance with a huge hug, yelling, “Give it up for Jason! You are so cute!”

The ‘American Idol‘ winner was just as thrilled to bring out her next artist, Juliana Gutierrez. “This girl can sing, so watch out!” Clarkson said. The two lovely ladies crooned to ‘Georgia on My Mind,’ and Gutierrez more than held her own with her megafamous partner.

Clarkson is clearly a proud mentor to Gutierrez and Farrell, and her warmth is evident in their performances together. Her enthusiasm, combined with her killer voice, make us as excited for ‘Duets’ as she is!

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform With Jason Farrell

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform With Juliana Gutierrez