It's not much of a secret that from time to time the Texas panhandle likes to rock and roll. There are several recorded instances of earthquakes happening in our neck of the woods.

But do you know what was the biggest earthquake in the Texas panhandle?

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We Just Passed The Anniversary Of The Biggest Earthquake

The biggest earthquake recorded in the Texas panhandle happened on July 30, 1925. It was felt as far away as New Mexico and Oklahoma.

That being said, it wasn't necessarily the type of the thing they make a disaster movie about.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

That doesn't mean it didn't have a bunch of people scared and wondering what was going on. Several accounts still exist of what happened as a result of the earthquake that struck that day.

Some accounts tell of windows rattling, and pictures falling off of walls. Other accounts say a noise like "a distant explosion" was heard.

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash
Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Some residents of the area who were unfortunate enough to have just poured themselves a refreshment, found that some of the liquid spilled over the top of the glass. Others who had fresh cans of milk found some of the milk had spilled.

In one story there was a "decrepit" coal bin that spilled its contents during the rumble.

In Clarendon, legend has it that people were so freaked out by the rumble that they ran from their houses into a rain storm.

The Epicenter And Magnitude Of The Panhandle's Biggest Quake

The epicenter was near Panhandle, Texas. It was also near Plemons and Cuyler.

On the Richter Scale, it registered as a 5.4. On this list of earthquakes, you'll find a second entry for the same day. The location is listed as "all over the panhandle."

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