October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many organizations and businesses have joined in on the fight against breast cancer.  Maybe one day we'll have a cure for breast cancer and cancer in general, but in the meantime we need to keep ourselves as healthy as we can.  That's why the Harrington Cancer Center is giving you the opportunity to attend a wellness health event.

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Coming up this Saturday, October 22nd, the Harrington Cancer Center is hosting a Wellness Health Event Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event will take place at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens located at 1200 Streit Drive.

The event starts at 12:30pm and will last until 2:30pm.  You will be served a delicious lunch and will get to enjoy presentations from two members of our community.

Beth Olson, the Breast Cancer Survival Expert will be speaking during the event.

Also joining Beth, will be Dr. Brian Pruitt with the Harrington Cancer Center.

The event is free, but for a head count, they encourage you to RSVP.  You can RSVP by calling Natalie Henning at 806-212-1991

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