It appears that Amarillo and the panhandle stand a good chance of snow over the weekend, Before you roll your eyes, let me try to make a case for it. I grew up near El Paso, known and the "Sun City" and for good reason.The only day we saw snow, was usually the day of the "Sun Bowl."

After high school, I told people I was going to college at WT, in Canyon. The normal response was "The panhandle? Boy, it gets cold up there. You're going to freeze to death." This to the guy, that had never seen a working fireplace.

The cold weather than Amarillo gets, has taught me several things, I never would have learned in El Paso. One, I can get a fireplace going with out any accelerate.  Two, I can drive on snow and ice, three, I keep a jacket and a pair of gloves in my car, year round and four, at age 18, I had my first snow ice cream.

I hate ice on the road, as much as anybody, but the snow is a revelation. Slow down...stay off the interstate highways, and have a wrecker service in your contacts, just in case.

.One of my favorite things in life, is getting the fireplace going, eating chili or nachos, and watching black & white movies. When you're home after snow has closed the city down, and knowing your in the for day, is truly magical.

Morning radio folks, know snow days, are big days for listening. We have a list of school and business closings that you need to hear.

Amarillo is due for big snow this winter, and I'm ready. I have firewood, a United up the street, and plenty of movies to catch up on.  Remember, you grew up with it- I didn't. I tell my out of town friends, you become an "Amarillo-ian" when you can drive in snow, and go outside when the tornado sirens go off.




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