As cold and flu season are upon us there is something that you may not realize. Could you be blowing your nose the wrong way?

Is there a correct way? Well yep, of course. It seems when you are already feeling miserable blowing your nose can make you feel worse. Why is that? You have that stuffy feeling in your nose due to inflamed blood vessels. When you blow your nose it just irritates those vessels more.

When you are blowing your nose it ends up building even more pressure in your nostrils...that can end up forcing mucus into your sinuses. That can make you even more sick because that mucus could contain viruses or bacteria.

So here are some ways to avoid all of that.

You should start with not putting your whole nose in the tissue to blow. Instead cover one nostril at a time and blow.

Make sure you use an anti-inflammatory. That can help reduce the swelling you experience in your nose and make some space for the mucus to flow out.

Get those tissues ready and clear those sinuses. Here is to a speedy and healthy cold and flu season.

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