I recently read a survey about holiday parties.  The study said that Americans will spend more money this year planning their Halloween Parties.  They will spend an average of $450 on their Halloween parties.  Seriously, $450?  That is a lot of money.  Why spend that much money, especially with Christmas coming up?  I have a suggestion for you, we've already planned the party and all we need are the guests, join us for The Boo Ball.


The Boo Ball is a costume party and dance.  Everyone 21 and up is invited!   So instead of spending $450 on a party, spend $50 for two people and enjoy food, fun and prizes.

We will have prizes for best costumes, heavy hor d'oeurves, and a cash bar.

See the party planning was easy.

Get your tickets now here at our studios, 6214 W. 34th.  or at The Ambassador Hotel.

Plus, the Ambassador Hotel has Room Packages available so all you have to do once the party is over is hop on the elevator and go up to your room.

If I haven't convinced you yet, we have a $500 cash prize for best costume.


The Boo Ball: Friday October 28, 8pm at the Ambassador Hotel, 3100 I-40 W.  Open 24-hours. Tickets $30 Per Person or $50 A Couple; Purchase Tickets at the Station - 6214 W 34th Ave or at The Ambassador Hotel.

I hope to see you there!!!


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