What About Your Pets?
The kids aren't the only ones who want to go out trick or treating this year. Before your family heads out to the neighborhood to get some sweet treats, make sure to put a costume on man's best friend. According to the National Retail Federation here are the most popular pet costumes for 2…
Costumes are Fun on Halloween
So here we are the day before Halloween.  It's Friday and we are ready for the the weekend.  I don't know about you, but I'm usually not one to dress up on Halloween, but this year I did and I actually had fun putting my costume together.  We get to dress up for work so…
Picking Out the Perfect Halloween Costume Has Been A Nightmare
Let me just start this off with I don't normally dress up for Halloween.  I just haven't been into dressing up for Halloween since I was a kid.  However, this year, I'm not sure what it is, but I got an idea in my head and I decided that I wanted to dress up.  It could be that for the first time in …
Costume Ideas
So Halloween is just around the corner, which means if you haven't gotten and idea about what kind of costume you are going to wear then it's time to figure that out.  Here are some great costume ideas.

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