Every year, it seems stores are getting into the "holiday spirit" earlier. There are even stores that are now pretty much skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving, and just going straight to "the most wonderful time of the year."

I've been accused of having a bad case of the "bah humbugs." I don't hate Christmas. I just hate being punched in my festive face with it for three months straight.

I'm beginning to see the Grinch's point.

We decided to see what stores in Amarillo are the worst offenders when it comes to ringing "silver bells" way too early.


  • Credit: Nadia Rayos


    We stopped by Walgreens at 34th and Bell first. I have to applaud these guys. Halloween is in full force. They have fun decorations, and a lot of candy. On our trip, we didn't see as much as a candy cane. They get a pass.

  • Credit: Nadia Rayos

    Hobby Lobby

    After Walgreens, we walked across the parking lot to Hobby Lobby. This is the worst offender on our list. Back in August, I walked into Hobby Lobby and was shocked at what I saw. Easily 3/4 of the store was already dedicated to Christmas. I counted about six aisles and a few displays that could count as Halloween/Fall. For shame.

  • Credit: Nadia Rayos


    We decided to compare pharmacies. CVS is pretty smart. They play both sides without really devoting much space to either holiday. This left us with mixed emotions.

  • Credit: Nadia Rayos


    I have seen some Wal-Marts in the area with the tiniest Halloween selection you've ever seen at the big-box behemoth. However, we were able to find a decent selection at the Wal-Mart at 45th and Coulter. That's where the good news ends. Lawn and Garden is now a pure Christmas paradise, taken over by trees, lights, and north pole signs. What if I need a lawn mower for late season mowing?

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    Silverland's Hallmark

    I don't have a picture for this one because, well, they didn't have much out for either holiday. There was just one little display of Halloween items, and they were working on putting out Christmas items. I have a feeling within the next week or so, it is going to be all out Christmas at Silverland's. At this moment, however, they have decided to remain neutral in this war.