So here we are the day before Halloween.  It's Friday and we are ready for the the weekend.  I don't know about you, but I'm usually not one to dress up on Halloween, but this year I did and I actually had fun putting my costume together.  We get to dress up for work so that makes it even better.  So with that said, do you get to dress up??


I know a lot of offices dress up for Halloween and since Halloween falls on Saturday then today is the day to dress up.

Some fun facts about Halloween:

Over $7 billion will be spent this year on Halloween and the average person will spend an average of $77.

Over 50% of people prefer to make their own costume and find a lot of their stuff at thrift stores.

68 million people will dress up for Halloween this year.

20 million people will dress their pets up

Look for over 30% of people to wear political costumes

Over 60% of people will wear sexy costumes

So what are you wearing for Halloween?  We want to see your costumes.  Send us a picture of you, your kids, your pets in their Halloween costumes.  I know they are all gonna be super cute!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.