Pets are the most amazing things in this world.  They are our family and we love them.  When we lose them it breaks our hearts.  But, when someone heartlessly takes our pets from us, then we are left with heartache, anger and disbelief.  Now a sweet girl is dealing with all those feeling.

Karon is one of the sweetest girls you will meet.  She had a beloved pet stolen from her.  Karon loves her animals more than anything, and I saw this when I first met her 10 years ago and her special needs dog Boston.  Her heart is broken because someone got into their sun room and stole her friend, Big Green.

Big Green is a large iguana and was stolen on Monday afternoon.  The family realized that Big Green didn't just escape.  He was taken.  His enclosure is located in a sun room in the front of the family's home and there was no way he was able to get out without human intervention.  Someone entered their sun room and took Big Green.

Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Barclay

Big Green is described as 4-4 1/2 feet long.  She is feisty to people that don't know how to handle her.  If those that took Big Green don't know how to care for iguanas then they will kill her quickly.    Big Green was stolen in the AC/Memorial Park/Wolflin Area. The family has made a police report.

Karon is a pro at handling her friend Big Green and is devastated.

If you are in the area please keep and eye out for Big Green.  If not let's get the word out and share this so Big Green can get home to her Momma.   If you see something on the many buy, sale and trade pages, Craigslist, etc,  let the family know.  They need all the eyes they can get to help bring Big Green home.

No one should have to live with the heartache of having a pet stolen.  Especially this sweet girl.  Let's find Big Green and get her home to Karon.

Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Barclay

They are hoping whoever took her will bring her back no questions asked, but are asking everyone to keep an open eye in hopes that Big Green will be returned quickly and safely.

If you have any information or know the whereabouts of Big Green please call or text 806-676-9371.