I try to look on the bright side....try to stay positive. Even with all this construction going around Amarillo...I try to grin and bear it.

Can that really be bad for me? Looking on the positive side?

Well apparently you pessimists out there can enjoy this good news. Even if, by definition you weren't expecting any anyway.

According to studies.....being positive and optimistic can be bad for your health. Great!

The researchers have discovered that feeling stressed and worried actually helps people cope better with bad news. When pessimists get bad news they are able to process it and handle it.

On the other hand when optimists get bad news....it actually was so crushing that they could get overwhelmed with the stress hormone cortisol....and that can take a serious health toll.

Great! I guess I will just go home and go back to bed....and as I pass all the construction here in town...I won't smile...I won't be happy. I mean I want to be able to cope better....so that is what I will do.

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