A man from Los Angeles is going to launch himself across Palo Duro Canyon in a man-made rocket.

The rocket launch is going to be on April 2nd at The Palo Duro Zipline Adventure Park. The jumper goes by the name of "Mad Mike Hughes" and he happens to hold the world record for the longest rocket jump in history.

The idea came from the well known stunt man Evil Knievel, who jumped the Idaho Snake River in a steam rocket on May 6th, 1972. Forty-three years later, Mad Mike Hughes is going to attempt to launch himself across "The Grand Canyon of Texas." If he completes this jump, he will break his own record for the longest steam rocket jump.

This stunt is going to be totally insane and could be very dangerous.

Tickets will be sold the day of event to watch this historic moment. There will also be food vendors and live entertainment. For more information about the rocket launch, click here.

If you're interested in ziplining at the canyon, check out this video.

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