Will the third time be the charm for Matthew Perry?  Since the ending of Friends in 2004, Matthew Perry hasn't had much success in the TV World.


After Friends, Perry was cast in the TV Drama Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.  The show was based on a behind the scenes look of a sketch comedy show (think backstage at SNL).  I personally thought the show was genius and I loved every episode, however, I seem to be the only one and thus lasted only 1 season.

Perry was then cast in a show called Mr. Sunshine, which basically was about his life sucking.  That show lasted one season.

So after coming off a successful series lasting 10 years to 2 failed series and now a third attempt, will Perry be able to stand on his on successfully in this series?

Perry has been cast to star in comedy series called Go On to be featured on NBC's Thursday line-up.

Entertainment Weekly describes Perry's character as,

Perry plays a charming sportscaster who tries to move on after a personal tragedy through the help of mandatory therapy sessions. Julie White co-stars as a recently widowed woman who’s stuck in the anger stage of grief.

So again, will the third time be the charm for Matthew Perry?  Hopefully so, because I truly like Matthew Perry as an actor.  He was always one of my favorites on Friends and I have always loved his movies and as I mentioned before, I thought he was perfect in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

In the meantime, Matthew Perry will be guest starring on The Good Wife.

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