So yesterday was Memorial Day.  I hope you had a wonderful day spending time with your family and remembering those who fought to keep us free.  Now, if you have kids in the AISD schools then you probably didn't get to spend the day with them because they were in school.


Yes, Amarillo ISD was in session yesterday on Memorial Day, a National Holiday.  It was a snow make up day.  The kids had to make up one of the days they missed during the Blizzard of 2013.

I was talking to a couple of teacher friends who had to work yesterday and they said that about 75% of the students actually showed up to school yesterday.   Hmm, that's a lot of "sick" kids.

My son told me that 3 of his classmates didn't come to school yesterday.  Luckily he loves school and didn't mind not having a day off.

I am guessing for a lot of teachers it was a blow-off day, a movie day, etc.  There isn't a whole lot you can get done when 25% of your class is missing.

So my question is:

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