We’re all a little bit embarrassed by our parents, especially the parental types who don’t seem to give a hoot about what anyone else thinks of them. That’s pretty much Dustin Hoffman’s Harold Meyerowitz in Noah Baumbach’s latest film, a famed modern artist who complains about overpriced steak and drinks from a stranger’s wine glass at the table next to him.

Netflix released the first full trailer for Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) today. Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, and Elizabeth Marvel play three adult siblings living in the shadow of their artist father. In the trailer, Sandler, who was praised at Cannes for his best performance since Punch Drunk Love sends his teenager daughter off to college and gets in a fight with Stiller. The siblings also have dinner with their father’s kooky girlfriend, a non-accented Emma Thompson sporting full-on hippie attire and spouting some goofy nonsense about Italians eating all their birds. She also drives a car with a giant dopey smile and crashed into a tree. (Hi, Netflix? Yes I would like a full 8-episode season order starring Thompson’s character, please and thank you).

The film, set to screen at the New York Film Festival next month, also stars Baumbach returner Adam Driver, along with Grace Van Patten, Candice Bergen, Judd Hirsch, and Rebecca Miller. The next great Adam Sandler performance hits select theaters and Netflix screens on October 13.

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