A few days ago, I saw a post shared to a homesteading group about cattle being mutilated in Texas. The post, from Madison County Sheriff's Office, detailed several instances of cattle being mutilated. Tongues and reproductive organs had been removed.

Why are cows being mutilated in Texas, and more importantly, who is doing it?

Missing Tongues And Missing Genitalia Of Mutilated Cattle In Texas

Around a week ago, I became aware of the mystery surrounding mutilated cattle in the Lone Star State. The post from Madison County Sheriff's Office spelled out, in detail, the odd findings of Texas ranchers.

The cattle in question were found, laying on their side, with their tongues removed. In some cases the external genitalia had also been removed. If that wasn't enough to make you whisper what-the-hell, the description of the places where they were found are.

No sign of struggle. No tracks. No blood.

Photo by Wilmy van Ulft on Unsplash
Photo by Wilmy van Ulft on Unsplash

Grass around the bodies wasn't disturbed. The cuts were very, very, precise. This scenes played out in different pastures, and in different herds.

The post even states that predators and birds wouldn't scavenge the remains at first.

All in all, the post laid out six scenes that were basically identical. All of them an absolute mystery.

This Isn't The First Time These Types Of Cow Mutilations Have Occurred

It didn't take long. This recent string of mutilations has become fodder for news outlets all over Texas, and even the nation.

Some of the reports point back to instances as far back as the '70s, and as recent as 2022, where cattle mutilations similar to these happened. Interestingly enough, those cases were, and still are, mysteries.

In regards to the cases from the '70s, supposedly the investigations were closed around 1980. The determined cause? Common predators.


Cults? UFOs? Government Conspiracy? What Is Doing This?

The theories you find all over the Internet are just as strange as the killings themselves. They range from cults, to government conspiracies.

One theory says cults are using tranquilizer darts to sedate the cows, then using giant needles to drain the blood before cutting out tongues and genitalia.

Photo by Mallory Johndrow on Unsplash
Photo by Mallory Johndrow on Unsplash

Others point to UFOs. They believe that extraterrestrial beings are responsible for the precise cuts, draining of blood, and removal of organs.

Still, some think that it has something to do with the government. Why? Who knows. I suppose if you can't find an answer, just blame the government.

No actual cause has been determined, and this recent string of mutilations has some people on edge. Fingers crossed we can finally figure out who or what the culprit really is.

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