I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable guy. I don't buy into "superstitions" or believe that every little thing that goes bump in the night is some disembodied soul looking to cause some late night commotion. I tend to not get too freaked out by most things, except this doll.

Just how haunted is this super creepy Texas panhandle doll?

First, What In The Name Of All That Is Sacred And Holy Is That?!

Based on the information immediately available, that is a super haunted doll inside of a tiny casket...coffin...big heavy box that looks ancient as hell. Supposedly, the previous owner would only sell the box if what was inside went with it.

The adventurous team of Halfway Dead Paranormal recently gained access to one of my favorite shops on 6th Street; Aunt Eek's.  It is there that Halfway Dead Paranormal decides to introduce us to whatever that thing is.

Halfway Dead Paranormal via YouTube
Halfway Dead Paranormal via YouTube

If you've never been inside of Aunt Eek's just to take a look around, I highly recommend it.

Now, judging solely based on appearances, this is a marionette doll. This marionette doll looks like it was designed by somebody who possessed (no pun intended) a special affinity for heavy metal album art made in the 1980s.

Seriously, I imagine this is the kind of stuff just floating around in Clive Barker's head on any given day.

Is This Doll Really Haunted?

It wouldn't surprise me if it were. Just look at that nasty bit of business laying there in its casket all toothy and weird looking.

I'm sure if you asked the guys from Halfway Dead Paranormal, they'd tell you that there's definitely something strange going on with the doll.

They put it through the paranormal investigation ringer...so to speak. They asked plenty of questions and used a variety of tools of the trade to pick up any responses.

They got some interesting results.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all if there was a haunted item or three in Aunt Eek's. They specialize in strange curiosities. If you eclectic tastes, it's definitely a place that's right up your alley.

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