Congratulations to Krysta Wolken and her sweetheart.  They are the lucky winner of the Mix 94.1 Cutest Couple Contest.  Keep reading to find out why her sweetheart is so special to her.

Photo Courtesy of Krysta Wolken
Photo Courtesy of Krysta Wolken

My husband is my EVERYTHING, my Clark Cable in the modern flesh! We met back in 2001 when we were both enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and deployed overseas to Atsugi Japan. We had caught each others eye on and off for 6 months but had never spoken. We were on a missile training mission to Guam. I got the courage to call him to meet! Turns out at the time he was dating someone else! A month later he flew back to Guam (he was flight crew), and found me to tell me his "courtship" didn't work out, and that he would love the opportunity to sweep me off my feet on a real date once we were both back at home base in Japan. I of course was lost in a fairytale as this tall hunk-a man walked back acrossed the flight line in his flight suit! I eagerly awaiting my return to Atsugi from our missile operation so that I could finally get my long awaited date (a month had passed). 9-11 hit and of course all Armed Forces went on high alert. Kurt and several other Navy crew were deployed out with special ops teams on the USS Kitty Hawk. So, when I finally arrived back in Japan, I missed seeing or hearing from him. I had to be told he was deployed from a fellow shipmate. A little down on my luck and of course I was sulking that I had missed my chance with Mr.Dreamy...... I gave up thinking he had probably moved on or rekindled things with his last gal. (2 months has passed since he promised to sweet me off my feet). One afternoon, on my way out to my car after work....a fellow crew member brought me a huge bundle of letters (tied in an old movie). I had over 80 letters from HIM!!!! We had no access to phone or e-mail due to the severity of 9-11. I still have all the letters he sent me, and about another 60 I received in a 2nd bundle. I waited for that man for 3 months before he returned home safe from Afghanistan. He arrived Christmas of 2001. He DID sweep me off my feet....QUICKLY. We were engaged in fall of 2002, and married in 2003. We have been blissfully together ever since, with a fantastic marriage, and partnership, as well as 2 beautiful children! The picture tells the tale of our corky family!



Krysta will receive:

We’ll start your package off with a Truffle Basket from My Portable Pantry and Poppies Specialty Sweet Treats.

$100 gift card to Macaroni Joe’s to enjoy a special dinner out (BTW the Mob Queso is to die for).

Couple’s Massage from Indulge Salon and Day Spa

Beautiful diamond heart necklace from Jewelry Pros.

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