This past weekend I went with a friend to Austin and left my 6 children in the capable hands of my husband.  My friend and I went to investigate a school she was possibly wanting to attend.   We also went to a couple of restaurants, floated on a river, ate from a food truck and even went for ice cream. We had a good time, and during the time away I trusted my husband and my children to tend to the household while I was away.


I do think most of society think men can’t handle the home.  Like a scene from “Cheaper by the Dozen,”  boys hanging from a chandelier and frogs hopping through the house.  We have all seen the movies and TV shows that show men unable to keep a house of kids and the moms feeling like they can never leave the brood again.

I am not sure how this perception began.  Was it from the earlier days when men worked and women took care of everything, so much that men were unable to take care of the family?  Or is it from our needs as women to control that part of our lives so much that no matter what a man does it isn’t as good as we would have done?  I really don’t know that answer myself, but I do know that when I leave my family for a weekend or even longer my husband will take care of the family.  Maybe not the way I would have, usually much better.  As a wife I want to trust him completely.  After all, he is my partner in crime and in parenting.

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