I have found the gas prices in Amarillo are quite a shock at times.  From one day to another it seems that the two main companies seem to compete but in the wrong direction.  When I travel I find that Amarillo has some of the highest gas prices in the area and sometimes for hours upon hours of driving.  Again this is a shock.  What makes Amarillo have to have such an increase in fuel costs? 

Now over the summer I was gone for a few weeks and on my Facebook feed I did notice there was an uproar locally about a certain gas station’s owners comments about gas prices only being too expensive for those that couldn’t afford it, or something to that extent, and then when we came back to town that next week the price in Amarillo gas had dropped, dramatically.  So much that fuel here locally was the cheapest we had found and we had just come from the gulf where it is usually the cheapest.

I find that very interesting and very baffling at the same time.  How much control does a gas station actually have?  There are little stickers on the local stations that show a breakdown but then shouldn’t all gas be about the same?

Now I have notice a new trend in gas prices lately, and I think as a local Amarilloan I want to start encouraging this trend.  A few local places, not a part of the two “big” companies have started dropping their prices.  I for one will be taking my gas purchases there, and if that means driving around a bit, so be it.  Maybe if all of Amarillo takes notice and starts fueling up at these places more then maybe the big guys will see that we all think saving money on fuel is right for us.

So join with me in the next few weeks and go to the places where gas is cheaper.  I have an app on my phone that will tell me where to find the cheapest gas.  While you are there, thank them for being the best priced fuel stop.

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