Tornado season is among us, and this week we have been hit hard in the area.  So close to home.  It feels so much closer when we realize that it could very easily be our town, our neighborhood, and our schools that were hit. 


Each time something like this happens, fear creeps up rather quickly.  I fear sending my kids off to church activities, off to friends to stay.  Of course then I realize I am being arrogant that I am the only one that can protect my children.  That only I know what is right.  If I allow my children to go to friends I am saying basically that I trust them.  At least I should trust them if my kids are going over to their home.

The what if’s are so prevalent when a tragedy happens, but in the end I have to realize that, I, for one can’t be my children’s all protector.   I can’t even if I tried.  I am human, I am just one person, and the fact that I have six kids makes that even more difficult.  Even if I wanted to take a bullet for them I could only protect a few of them.  I have to be humble once again and face the facts.  I can love my children. I can do all that I can to protect them and shelter them, but in the end if tragedy strikes I will be like everyone else, human.

And that is when I pray.

I pray again for those hurting and those lost.  I pray for those helping.  I pray that maybe we can have a break, it was just a little while back I was praying these same words.  So tonight I will hug my children.  I will give them huge kisses and enjoy our crazy time at the table.  I will pray for those that have been hurt by this tragedy.

I will also look for ways to help out.  I will be gathering food supplies and taking it up to the food bank.  When tragedies happen they are so good at sending a truck or two to help out.  So please join with me in praying and gathering.  Let us be a nation that helps those in need.


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