My husband is a man’s man.  You know the type.  He likes sports, cars, guns,  you know, manly stuff.  All of this is a major plus.  I love having a rough and tough kind of husband.  I can trust him to protect me and I can trust him to get rid of a mouse too.  His toughness and determination has always been characters traits that I have truly loved.  And now that we have 4 boys I am grateful for his man skills.  He has taught the kids how to build a fire, how to hold a gun correctly, how to open doors for women, how to be respectful, take off their hats at church or during the National Anthem, and that they are supposed to wear shirts to the table.  All great man qualities.

Jess C.

But all good attributes have to have bad traits too.  He has taught the boys how to wrestle.  An activity I could spare in my life.  I hate to see my boys fighting, even if it’s for fun.  They love to wrestle now, so much that they have to move the coffee table out of the way to keep from knocking their little heads.  I worry what people will think when my little boys have bumps from their little matches.  I am sure there is a great lesson in these battles, but as a mom I have yet to grasp them.  Maybe one day their future wives will be grateful that their men are tough and can handle their own?  But for now I will do my best to stay out of it.  He says this is a man thing and I won’t understand.  I think I just won’t want to understand.  But, if this makes my boys become the man of their future wives dreams, then I guess I should keep my mouth shut.  After all, I think my mother in law kept her mouth shut too. And I am very grateful to her for raising my husband.