When I was a kid I hated having to help my father with his home projects. Tasks like changing the lawnmower oil or something else mechanical that involved me holding a flashlight and usually not pointing on the right spot. Those days are long gone, my dad passed away many years ago and looking back I would just about give anything to have him yell at me for not knowing what a Philips head screwdriver is. I was incredibly blessed to have a wonderful father unlike so many kids today growing up not even knowing their dad, let alone even ever meeting him.

Today I learned about a man named Rob Kenney. He is an unassuming father of two who like many kids grew up without a father. His YouTube videos have made him a dad for millions of people who have learned how to fix things or complete a task.  You can find his videos on his YouTube channel called “Dad, How Do I?”  Videos that show tutorials on things a dad would teach his kids, how to tie a tie or how to fix a running toilet. He calls it “Practical Dadvice” and his videos that he posts on Thursdays have garnered millions of views around the world.

Rob Kenney grew up in Washington State with seven other siblings, as a youngster his father walked out on his family. His childhood without a father made him realize that there are so many kids without that father figure who they can ask a question, any question. His videos are genuinely full of that love that only a dad can give. I found myself watching these videos even though I already knew how to tie a tie or iron a dress shirt, I felt the fatherly love that I lost years ago in his gentle assuring manner.

May 19, Rob made a video to say thank you to his followers. He said in the video that he has tried to reach out to all his viewers. He said there are simply too many now. During these incredibly trying times in the world, these videos with Rob’s warm and caring manner is greatly welcome.

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