In 2022, Amarillo, Texas gave the world a gift. That gift was a blurry image that appeared to be some kind of animal walking on two legs outside of the fence at the Amarillo Zoo. The whole world debated on what it could be, with answers ranging from chupacabra to a lost furry walking home at the end of a long night. For some reason, almost two years later, people are still trying to figure out what it was.

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Internet Sleuths Still Trying To Figure Out Strange Figure Near Amarillo, Texas Zoo

There never was official word on what the mysterious figure was. Late one night, zoo security cameras caught footage of something that looked like a wolf of some kind walking on two legs. The image was released to the world, and suddenly it was all anyone could talk about.

Two years later, I forgot that this had even happened. I was one of those who joked about it being a furry taking a long walk of shame home. I just left it at that. I, like much of the rest of the world, moved on. It seems, though, that some are still searching for the truth.

Documentaries - Crash-Course Cryptozoology via YouTube
Documentaries - Crash-Course Cryptozoology via YouTube

A recent video on YouTube goes way more in-depth on the whole topic. They look at the silence from the City after the image was released. They compare the figure to other animals to try and figure out what it is that was sneaking around the zoo that night. It's weird to me that they're taking this so seriously.

Will We Ever Know What Was The Creature At The Amarillo, Zoo In 2022?

We may never know exactly what it was that was caught on video that night. Perhaps it is better that way. Imagine it is just some furry in an outfit that's seen better days, and they're walking home at the end of a tough night. It would be a bit of a downer for those who have built this into some kind of mythical thing.

I doubt any answers will be given any time soon, which means we probably haven't seen the end of YouTube investigators digging into the mysterious zoo creature of Amarillo, Texas.

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